The Company

Innovation through experience

We have been a specialist in the compounding, extrusion and recycling of plastics for the past forty-five years. From PP to PVC.

RAFF Plastics has been a specialist in plastics since 1976. Today, the company is internationally renowned and has forty-five years’ experience in compounding, extrusion and recycling. We are both a processor and supplier of all types of recycled plastics.

RAFF Plastics is a supplier for injection-moulding companies and a partner for the plastics sector. Each year, our modern plant at Houthulst, West Flanders, produces 60,000 tons of materials for grounding, granulates and agglomerates. Production runs non-stop, 24 hours a day. One of our greatest strengths is the constant quality and flexibility when developing different products.

From 2012, a new generation is leading and building on the experience, expertise and quality of RAFF Plastics. Working as a team, Caroline Van der Perre and Christophe Dehouck use custom-made individual solutions to respond to new opportunities and changes in the market. This makes RAFF Plastics, just like recycled plastics, ready for the future.